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 5) Accessing Your System Through The Opendiem Server:Opendiem Manager

a. Opendiem is a client server application where the Opendiem Manager is the server that manages the Opendiem system and the Opendiem client runs in a standard web browser and enables users to connect to the Server. Opendiem Manager is used to open a project that has been created using Opendiem Designer, load and manage Opendiem Services and maintain the security of the system. The left-hand side of the Opendiem screen shows the navigation menu with the right-hand side showing the selected page.
1. Main The Main page contains general settings and the ability to stop and start the server.
2. Security The Security page contains all of the security settings. This is where groups and users are configured and different levels of access are assigned.
3. Services The Services page lists the currently running Services and this is where Services are added and removed.
4. Support The Support page contains the Opendiem Manager Version Number, license information and access to the logging function. This page is also used to preview and upgrade the registration details for the system. New features and upgrades can be added here.
5. Note: Extreme caution should be exercised when making changes to the Opendiem Server/Services. All elements of your system can be changed, monitored, and controlled from this menu.

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