Hosted Web Solutions, Help Topic: General Usage

 1) Web based control of your Building Automation System (BAS):
a. Ensure your internet connection status is "connected".
b. Open your Web Browser and connect to your system via the address provided by Energy ETC.
c. Enter your assigned User ID and password.
d. Follow the appropriate menu to access your building's systems.

1. Note: Each open window counts as a user connection (even for the same User ID). Base systems come with a limit of five (5) simultaneous users, additional user licenses may be purchased from Energy ETC.

2) Common Acronyms/Abbreviations:
a. OAT = Outdoor Air Temperature
b. SAT = Supply Air Temperature
c. RAT = Return Air Temperature
d. MAT = Mixed Air Temperature
e. CHW = Chilled Water
f. CNDW = Condenser Water
g. HW = Hot/Heating Water
h. CD = Cold Deck
i. HD = Hot Deck
j. SAF = Supply Air Fan
k. RAF = Return Air Fan
l. EXH = Exhaust
m. VLV = Valve
n. VFD = Variable Frequency Drive
o. AUTO = Automatic
p. MAN = Manual
q. BLR = Boiler
r. CHLR = Chiller
s. PMP = Pump
t. AHU = Air Handling Unit
u. HOA = Hand/Off/Automatic
v. CHWP = Chilled Water Pump
w. CDWP = Condenser Water Pump
x. HWP = Hot/Heating Water Pump
y. ClgTwr = Cooling Tower
z. ETC = Engineering, Training, Consulting!

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