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As new revenue markets are emerging around Green Building and Smart Grid Technologies, the entry level into these markets can be both costly and time consuming to implement. Finding employees with a working knowledge of complex building controls infrastructure hardware, software, and middleware has become increasingly difficult. Determining which vendor's product to represent and become proficient in deploying can be cost prohibitive. Mastering these emerging technologies takes years of training and real world hands on experience making it difficult for companies to capitalize on these markets in a timely manner.
Not anymore! Welcome to Energy ETC's ENERGY "SMART" PROGRAM (ESP) for qualified contracting professionals. As an ESP Partner, you gain immediate access to a knowledgeable organization of industry professionals who can assist your company in providing ENERGY "SMART" solutions to your established clients…today. By partnering with Energy ETC, you will have the resources to assist your clients in becoming green and elevating their status in the community, while creating a new revenue stream for your company. Choose ESP technologies from the diagram below and Energy ETC will design and provide the necessary products, services, and training to make you successful. "SMART...Very Smart!"

Fully Integrated Web Based Solutions:
ENERGY - Efficiency, Monitoring, Automated Demand Response
HVAC - Advanced Controls, Tenant Comfort, After Hours Cost Recovery
FUNDING - Incentives, Rebates, Return On Investment, Financing
GREEN - Energy Star, LEED, Facility Audits, Continuous Commissioning
CORPORATE - Facility Management Systems, IP Convergence, Electricity, Water, Gas
LIGHTING - Advanced Controls, LED Retrofits, Efficiency
SOLAR - Solar Smart, Renewable Energy Strategies
WEB - Customized Graphical Interface, Accessible, Email and SMS Alerts
SECURITY - Access Control, IP Cameras, Fire, Life Safety
Integration is easy when you're an ESP Partner

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