Don't Just Do Solar, Do Solar ...Smart!™

A solar energy solution is a smart option for various different businesses. Many business owners, from hotels to wineries to retail stores and commercial properties, are making the decision to go solar. Solar has many benefits to your business.
- Save significantly on your electric and/or gas utility expenses.
- Add value to your commercial property.
- Take advantage of major tax benefits available only to businesses.
- Create a greener image for your business, and make your establishment stand out from the rest.
Energy ETC is ready to show you how to integrate solar into your business in a Smart way.
Any energy efficiency upgrades that you make to your facility up front will reduce your overall consumption of energy, and thus, reduce the size (and cost) of the solar system you will need.
Energy ETC is committed to providing SMART Open Multi-Vendor Non-Proprietary Systems.

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