Energy Management Systems

Are your facility's energy costs in control? Being asked to reduce spending on energy without reducing occupant comfort? Perhaps it's time to simplify your Energy Management System and do both.
At Energy ETC, we believe that you can achieve significant energy cost savings while increasing occupant comfort and productivity. All you need is a "web enabled" OPEN system.
Imagine handling all of your energy management tasks from a simple browser window (like the one you're using to view our website right now). Energy ETC knows how to make that happen.
You'll be able to monitor and control your entire system, via a secure internet connection, from virtually anywhere. Your office, your home, the coffee shop on the corner, wirelessly on a laptop or palmtop, anywhere you can log on to the World Wide Web.
Set up time scheduling, alarm management, automatic demand reduction or load shedding, generate usage reports, billing summaries, tenant override summaries; all this using software that's available for free and easy to use (i.e. Internet Explorer).

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