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Tenant Trac Is Your Solution For Customer Satisfaction
Tenant Trac by Energy ETC is your solution for providing Automated After Hours building services to your customers and/or tenants.
Your designated building occupants have instantaneous control of lighting and/or HVAC systems from any Internet web browser with the click of a mouse. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to work in comfort, after regular building hours, whenever they need to.

 The building or property manager doesn't need to be aware of the need for after hours usage. Simply set up user accounts for your tenants and give them the freedom to schedule or override building services as required.

Run periodic reports to track energy usage by tenant and/or zone. These reports can now be used to recoup energy costs from your tenants. Reports can be set up to run, and periodically e-mail invoices to the appropriate tenants automatically. All you have to do is receive the payment!

Tenant Trac can be customized to meet your every need. You'll have happier more efficient customers, and the system pays for itself quickly through recovered energy costs.

With Tenant Trac and our Hosted Web Solution, there is no system to maintain or upgrade. We take care of everything. Your database is routinely backed up and upgraded to the latest revision at no extra cost to you.

Contact Energy ETC to find out how Tenant Trac can be a part of your Smart Future, Today.
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