Energy Audits & Site Surveys

 Are your facility's energy costs in control? Let us show you where your energy dollars are being spent.
Energy efficiency is a very important first step to address in any energy upgrade project. By conducting an energy audit we can identify and recommend specific energy efficiency measures that will result in the most substantial energy savings and are the most compatible with your business.

Energy ETC, has the in-house expertise to evaluate, report, and make the adjustments necessary optimize your facility's electricity, gas, and water usage. We'll document the process every step of the way giving you the tools you need to get your projects approved.
Are you attempting to achieve LEED certification, or just want to do the right thing for our planet? We believe strongly that wasting precious resources (and corporate funds) can be avoided without sacrificing the comfort of your tenants.
Give us a call today and get started on your path to energy independence.

Energy ETC is committed to providing SMART Open Multi-Vendor Non-Proprietary Systems.
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